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Our history:

STICAP: Société Tunisienne Industrielle du Cap Bon. Created in 1974 in the Midst of the land, on fertile banks of the Mediterranean between the quiet town of Nabeul and El Haouaria With its splendid nature, has been thriving continuously.

Our activities :

we produce with love, natural flavour jams, 100% natural Tomato paste, varied and delicious tomatoes sauces and a high addictive artichokes and pickles.

Our values:

Our goal is to ensure that you and your family receive at all times with our range of STICAP products, stewed tomatoes, jams, peppers, and high quality pickles without preservatives or coloring and 100 % natural. Above all we want to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers by providing the best quality products at the best price while providing the highest possible level of customer service.

Our vision:


Vegetables and fruits naturally selected with great care for a unique flavor, are also produced by high-ranking professionals, ensuring the best quality. The preparation of our products is subject to the strictest and permanent CONTROLS in the largest compliance with health standards and HACCP HYGIENE rules to ensure complete safety of our products.


Our quality control measures are the guarantee that you can trust us to provide you the quality you deserve. Indeed the "STICAP" is currently the first Tunisian cannery to win two international certifications: HACCP DS 3027 2002 version, ISO 9001 2000 version and ISO 22000 2005 version.


We provide top quality products that offer you and your clients the best possible value.