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Blankit Salad


Blankit Salad


Easy and delicious to make recipe.


● Olive oil
● Sticap Harissa
● Egg
● Water
● Tuna
● Black olive
● Vinegar
● Sticap Mechouia Salad
● Bread

STEP 1 : Place in a bowl STICAP harissa, oil, vinegar, a glass of water and salt. Mix everything.

STEP 2 : Cut 20 slices of bread. Dip the slices one at a time into the mixture and place on a plate.

STEP 3 : Put the cooked egg in boiling water for 5 minutes.

STEP 4 : Put a not completely teaspoon full of STICAP Mechouia salad, a cube of boiled egg and a bit of tuna on each slice.